Our consultants have all worked as producer/directors on leading BBC and ITV programmes. We can help you with:

Corporate Videos

Focused on your key messages and target audience, we produce well-crafted, beautiful videos that hit the mark. We also make corporate dramas, documentaries, simulated news bulletins and podcasts

Video News releases (VNRs) or B-Roll

Hard-pressed newsdesks may not have the resources to cover your story. Why not let us do it for you? We will then provide the TV station with expertly shot footage and interviews as selected by you. VNRs ensure appropriate pictures about your company are readily available in TV libraries.

Training Videos

Whether you need impactful videos as a centrepiece for executive training days, or engaging training videos to be watched by thousands at their desktops –we will produce the right video for you. Clients range from large corporations (TUI, Novartis etc) to university departments, SMEs and start-ups.