It’s not just the byword for Kirsty & Phil on the Channel 4 property show of the same name, whether in the world of property or that of the media, location can be crucial.

Media interviews can come in many forms and can take place in many locations, either in the physical or digital world. You may be requested to do interviews in person, over skype, or on a telephone call, and these interviews are often recorded and played on TV, radio and social media channels.

If you are being interviewed by the media, then you have something to say and choosing a setting to make get your message across can be very important.

Location can carry meaning

Where you decide to hold an interview can often carry its own meaning, politicians and the Royal Family use locations on a regular basis to help state the significance of a speech or announcement. When David Cameron and Nick Clegg were demonstrating that they could work together when the UK had a coalition government they made a speech in a friendly and relaxed manner in the Rose Garden at Number 10, with many journalists describing the press conference as a ‘love in’!

If you can choose where to have your media interview, especially if it is being filmed for TV or Social Media, then think about what message you are trying to deliver and pick an appropriate location that suits both the topic and the ambiance of the message you are delivering.

If you are delivering a serious message then looking calm and professional is best, in front of your office building, in a professional office or even a library type setting will create an appropriate tone. However, if your message is on the lighter side, then consider holding the interview somewhere fresh; for example, if you are discussing and being interviewed about the new features of a fitness product then have your interview in a gym or park. This will add interest to the visuals and make your interview more engaging.

Interview Experience is Important

Before you arrange an interview somewhere that sounds like fun, for example on a roller coaster, remember that you must also be able to be heard and understood clearly, so perhaps not a roller coaster! This also applies to how confident and experienced you are at being interviewed. For seasoned CEO’s being interviewed and filmed walking in a park can give great visuals and ensure the CEO looks confident, competent and engaged with the world around them.

This can however backfire and for inexperienced interviewees the same setting may fumble over their words and look awkward when trying to walk and answer at the same time. Sometimes the simpler the setting, the easier it is to do well in a media interview – which is always the most important thing.

Media Training is Essential

Wherever you are getting interviewed in person, on the telephone or skype the best way to ensure you are prepared for anything is to ensure you have regular media training. Practice makes perfect and if you have the skills to handle any media question then you can look to enhance your message by setting it in the perfect place.