With our journalistic insight and rigorous attention to detail we can offer a range of services from proactive and reactive media training to broader communications skills training, media and message strategy development and impactful videos and video news releases.

For charities and SMEs, wanting to improve their profile, we offer a blended programme combining skills in spotting and promoting stories, message development and interview techniques.

The ability to carry out skilful, empathetic and controlled interviews under pressure is a great test of leadership. We carry out challenging “Newsnight-style” interviews based on simulated scenarios as part of the selection process for high-profile positions.

Media Training

For competence and confidence in the media in the hands of experts. Training designed around your specific requirements.

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Crisis Media Training

Protect your reputation with engaging and relevant training with detailed bespoke scenarios for each delegate.

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Well-crafted and intelligent corporate and training videos that meet your objectives and make a difference.

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Executive Recruitment

Competence under fire or foot in mouth? We test your candidates with challenging scenarios in realistic Newnight-style interviews.

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