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Media Training via Zoom for Kindred

We were delighted to work with change-makers, Kindred Agency, who run campaigns for organisations wanting to bring about positive difference.

In this instance, their client needed airtime to help those struggling through some of the challenges presented by Covid 19. Media training was necessary but obviously face-to-face training was out-of-the-question. Even without Lockdown restrictions, the logistics of bringing regional managers from around the UK together in one place would have been challenging and expensive.

In order for the training to be effective, we researched the issues surrounding each region as well as the objectives of the organisation. As with any media training session, all aspects were bespoke with question areas geared for each and every delegate. Although the media was likely to be friendly in this instance, we also prepared some stinkers as well as left-field questioning designed to test delegates abilities to bring the interview back on track.

In most ways the session worked very much like a conventional media training session. The main difference was that, for the sake attention spans, each session was split into two 90 minutes packages – each one with theory, interviews and analysis. Our camera operator, Kamal Prashar, recorded and played back interviews to ensure the sessions ran seamlessly. We also played examples from our video library of broadcast interviews “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” Kindred were present on the training to help, in particular, with the messaging brainstorming.

Specific guidance was given for interviews on Zoom, which will be the interview medium for the foreseeable future. With Zoom, you are your own camera operator, and just a few tips can make the world of difference.

By the end of the second 90 minutes session, the delegates were exhausted but also very much the wiser.


“We worked with Helen to media train our client’s regional team with the aim to build confidence ahead of potential interviews. She immediately felt like an extension of the team having come fully prepared with detailed knowledge of the messaging we wanted to communicate. She offered on-brand and valuable advice while keeping everyone engaged throughout. The team absorbed every word and there was a marked improvement as the practice interviews progressed and the team built the confidence to communicate key messages in a firm but human way.

The session was hosted on Zoom which lends itself extremely well to this type of training; also giving Helen further opportunity to highlight the importance of being able to navigate the platform and tips on effective video interviews which will undoubtedly play a big role in our present and future for media interviews.”

Abby Lewis-Miller, Account Director, Kindred