GE Europe and Healthcare and Aviation Divisions

Service provided: Regular media, negotiations and pitching skills training for Board level and middle management


  • To build and provide on- going support to a team of Executives globally and regionally in the UK to enable them to tell the GE story in both the media, with key business partners and government (i.e. Health Austerities and medical professionals).
  • To give them PR support to look for angles and stories that they can exploit to win business through media exposure.
  • To train renowned scientists to articulate complex breakthrough science in Gene Technology and Medical and Aviation IT. To develop a crisis strategy to protect their business – Healthcare and IT/Aviation.


“Our sales and product teams have their confidence back; they have a new way of researching effectively and developing our story which has revitalised us as a business and our clients’ confidence in our ability to lead them, not just respond to what they think they need….”

Karen Senior, GE Aviation

“In a tough financial market, Chris has boosted our European sales force’s capability to recruit key financial institutions and governments as clients and to develop real life stories that help us surpass our competitors”, her research, presentational and scripting skills are of enormous value to our teams on a regular basis.”

Gerard Lysaght, Head of Corporate Communications GE Europe

“Finding the “gems” in the GE aviation story and developing the future links that open our clients’ eyes to growing their business was what Chris brought to our business. With her training and guidance we set about raising the profile and reputation of GE Aviation across Europe and the United States. She has both the journalistic probing ability to find the real story and the reputation communications skills to help us secure and grow our market”.

Adrian Button, Managing Director of global aircraft engine over haulers GE Aviation.

“The speech scripting and delivery training Chris gave to our President and CEO Mark Elbourne boosted his confidence, improved his pre-delivery planning and research. He now has a powerful impact on analysts whom he regularly deals with and in the media. He also now has a more relaxed way of reaching out to employees that helps him to champion both the sales and internal communications programme that Chris spearheaded.”

Dr Val Jones, Director, Sales and Marketing Communications , GE Healthcare IT and GE Home Heal