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Online Media Training

Remote Media Training from Your Laptop. High quality, bespoke, using the best of existing technology.

As we adapt to this new world, video conferencing is providing a useful tool for everything from meetings, TV interviews and of course, training.

The good news is that this software can be really effective for media training. We have been experimenting with different platforms and believe we have a solution that allows us to deliver bespoke group and one-to-one training complete with the recording and analysis of interviews.

The software allows for a fully interactive session with video and audio, shared screens, seamless recording and playback, white board, break out rooms, polls and private and group chats.

It’s not the same as training in person but it’s a very good option.

Our training, as with face-to-face sessions, is for a maximum of six delegates at a time. Although more is possible from a technological point of view, we don’t want to lose the personal and interactive feel to the sessions. Since attention spans are shorter online, we recommend two 90 minutes sessions with a break in the middle.

To avoid any technical hitches, we carry out our training as a double-header with our technology adviser ensuring the smooth flow of the session recording and uploading interviews during the session.

Our sessions will offer you:

  • Detailed preparation with bespoke scenarios and questions
  • Theory pitched to your level and experience
  • Video examples of good and bad practice
  • Interactive messaging sessions
  • Realistic and individually tailored print, radio and TV interviews
  • Individual feedback
  • Videos of interviews sent to you securely
  • Free telephone advice available post training.

Advantages of remote training:

  • Approximately half the cost of face-to-face training
  • No geographical barriers
  • Shorter sessions easier to fit into busy diaries.

Comments from our clients

“Loved it. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I learnt a lot. I feel I have more confidence and the adequate tools and approach to deal with the media.”

Director, Major UK train and bus operator

“An absolutely fabulous day. This is a skill which can be learned. We need the best possible chance of success should our “special day’ come.”

Vice President, airport services company

“Fantastic professional training.”

CEO, government services organisation

“Really well-pitched and an excellent examination of the media challenges we face.”

Communications Director, government services

‘I think I have a far better understanding of the pitfalls and the importance of preparation. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

Company Secretary, waste management

“This is probably the most effective workshop I have ever attended. Challenging and interesting.”

Pharmaceutical Assessor, health regulator

“Excellent – very helpful constructive comments and valuable advice. Scary to do but made to feel very comfortable.’

Doctor & academic

“Enjoyed the day. Helen had a lovely manner and quite clearly on top form with regard to training. I felt more confident and happy to carry out media in the future.”

Lead Ranger, conservation charity

“Great fun with the added benefit of team building.”

Director, energy company

“Really enjoyable but tough day – but it should be tough. Media is tough.”

Operations Director, hygiene company