The Benefits of Media Training

How your company will benefit from media training

Brand awareness – gain recognition for your company in your area of expertise. This is a great way to connect with your customers and gain new business.

Thought leadership – enhance your company’s profile, demonstrate you are the experts in this area and set the agenda. Everyone wants to do business with the leaders’ in the field.  The better your interview the more you will be sought by journalists for comment.

Align your top team – is everyone focused on the same priorities? Do some of your team have fantastic stories and examples which will help explain your messages better. Working together in a media training session is an opportunity to brainstorm for the benefit of all.

Strength test your messages – You know what you do and where you are headed but does it make sense to outsiders? Are your messages meaningful to your customers and other stakeholders and what language are your using to convey these? Media training is an opportunity for your messages to be critiqued and refined.

Improving relationships with the media team – This is a chance for everyone to understand the necessary process for communicating with journalists. Where does the first call come in and how is the process refined?

Media proactivity – There may be some fabulous stories just waiting for publicity. By recognising news values, the team will start to look for stories which will resonate with journalists. Frequently media training is the catalyst for unearthing new stories.

Identify current and future spokespeople – advice will be given as to who is ready for all media encounters, who can do some specialised interviews and who needs further training before being allowed to speak to journalists.

Choose your stars – some of your team will dazzle – they may have natural charisma, confidence and the ability to explain matters simply and engagingly.  Invest in these people and allow them to develop their interview repertoire.

How you will benefit from media training

Increased effectiveness – the ability to speak to journalists and promote your organisation, will make you more effective in your job.

Enhance your reputation as an industry expert – by being sought out as a spokesperson you’re also raising your personal profile within the company, your customer base and the industry as a whole

Skills to handle difficult questions – whether it be a job interview, conversations with journalists or stakeholders or even an appearance before a Public Accounts Committee, the ability to handle difficult or left-field questions is an invaluable skill in difficult situations.

Polish verbal and non-verbal communication skills – It’s hard to know how you come across until you see yourself played back on a large TV screen! This process together with detailed feedback, is invaluable in assisting all types of communication and enhancing personal presentation.

Increase your employability – The ability to speak on behalf of your company with confidence and skill, is an enormous asset valued by employers