Media Training FAQs

Will one session make a difference?

Yes – even one session will be transformational with a balance of theory and practical interview sessions. You will gain in confidence and learn to play to your strengths.

How many sessions will I need?

That does depend. Certainly no one should undertake media interviews without a training session. For many people one is enough. For spokespeople and those with frequent media exposure, we would recommend regular sessions to keep you sharp.

How long does a media training session last?

For individuals or pairs – a half day is usually sufficient. This will allow enough time for 3-4 rigorous interviews each. For groups a day is usually required. It gives you the opportunity to learn by doing and improving on your last performance.

How large should a group be?

We recommend three to six in a group. We can train larger groups using multiple rooms and several trainers. This is appropriate when we are part of a large training day or conference.

Where do you train?

Where would you like the training? We offer multiple studios at different price points throughout the UK. Many clients like us to come to them, where we set up a simulated studio in the office. Alternatively, we can hire rooms near you.

I’m anxious about going on TV – will it be a traumatic experience?

This is a very frequent concern among our clients. The process is demystified and before we get to the TV part, you will have learned about how to address questions as well as improving upon verbal and non-verbal communications skills. The vast majority of clients enjoy the session – even those who worried about it beforehand!

What will the interviews be about?

We research your organisation before the training begins. The questions will be pertinent not only to your organisation but to you personally.

Will I be assessed?

We evaluate all clients providing personalised feedback and an assessment of your media readiness. In addition, we highlight strengths and weaknesses with advice about how to improve further.

Will I have a copy of the interviews?

Yes – enjoy!

Is everything confidential?

Yes. In order to be relevant, companies share confidential information with us. This information may be used during the training but at no other time. With your permission, we may identify strengths, weaknesses, and media readiness with your employer but only with your permission. All research and interview materials are destroyed after training in accordance with data guidelines.