Media Training

Create a team of confident, competent and resilient spokespeople with our expert media training.

In a training session with us your team will gain:

  • an understanding of how the media works and what makes news in order to predict, understand and engage with the media effectively
  • the ability to communicate key messages, whatever the situation and to whichever audience
  • the skills to handle positive and hostile questions effectively (from your stakeholders or the media)
  • the psychological and the practical tools to become a confident, relaxed and effective communicator

All our media training is designed around your specific requirements.

We research your organisation, your media expectations and the upcoming issues faced by each delegate.

We then craft your course to suit you. Do you need scenario media training or help preparing for an upcoming launch? Do you require a state-of-the-art studio or would you prefer us to bring our equipment to you? Are you likely to face interviews on Newsnight or This Morning?

The question areas will be designed to ensure they are relevant, timely and challenging. The toughest interviews your team will face will be with us. But although they will be challenging, our training takes place in a supportive and friendly environment.

The overwhelming majority of our delegates stress how much they ENJOY the training. All delegates  leave with a memory stick or secure upload showing a dramatic transition over a period of a few hours. We are there to support you after the training day. Whether you want a media training top-up before an important interview or just a chat on the phone – give us a call.

Why not record a video podcast during your media training?

This is an increasingly popular option for our clients and at little or no extra cost. By the end of the session you will be on message and vastly more confident. What better time to a record a video podcast with our professional camera operator, which you can upload to your website.

Comments from our clients

“Loved it. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I learnt a lot. I feel I have more confidence and the adequate tools and approach to deal with the media.”

Director, Major UK train and bus operator

“An absolutely fabulous day. This is a skill which can be learned. We need the best possible chance of success should our “special day’ come.”

Vice President, airport services company

“Fantastic professional training.”

CEO, government services organisation

“Really well-pitched and an excellent examination of the media challenges we face.”

Communications Director, government services

‘I think I have a far better understanding of the pitfalls and the importance of preparation. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

Company Secretary, waste management

“This is probably the most effective workshop I have ever attended. Challenging and interesting.”

Pharmaceutical Assessor, health regulator

“Excellent – very helpful constructive comments and valuable advice. Scary to do but made to feel very comfortable.’

Doctor & academic

“Enjoyed the day. Helen had a lovely manner and quite clearly on top form with regard to training. I felt more confident and happy to carry out media in the future.”

Lead Ranger, conservation charity

“Great fun with the added benefit of team building.”

Director, energy company

“Really enjoyable but tough day – but it should be tough. Media is tough.”

Operations Director, hygiene company