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Media Training for the Travel Industry

Stranded passengers, accidents abroad and freak weather conditions… just some of the incidents dealt with every year by the travel industry and that’s before you even begin to throw in possible repercussions from Brexit.

Dealing with the media during a crisis is an essential part of the travel industry toolkit with spokespeople needing to demonstrate calmness, clarity and action under pressure.

These skills are honed during hours of crisis media training with dozens of simulated but realistic bespoke scenarios.

Hawkeye Media has worked with tour operators and travel agents to ensure their spokespeople respond confidently and competently while in the midst of any media storm.

Training can take place on site with an experienced camera operator or at a bespoke radio and TV studio.

Skills learnt include:

  • an understanding of how the media works and how crises unfurl
  • response to crisis events. How to manage the media and what to release and when
  • the skills to deflect hostile questions diplomatically
  • handling doorsteps
  • running press conferences
  • the ability to identify and communicate key messages, whatever the situation and to whichever audience
  • the psychological and the practical tools to become a confident, relaxed and effective communicator.

“An absolutely fabulous day. This is a skill which can be learnt. We need this practice to give us the best possible chance of success,”

VP travel operator

“I found this media training to be very valuable and its presentation was excellent. As each item was presented, I found it was becoming easier to deal with.  I am confident that, should the occasion arise, this course and its presenters have given me comfort to be aware of what is required,” 

Travel agent