Media Training for the Medical and Healthcare Industry

Media Training for the Healthcare Sector

Media training for doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, nurses, NHS trusts and other healthcare providers

With scant resources and ever- increasing demands, the health service lurches from crisis to crisis. For doctors and other medical professionals on the front line, unwanted publicity is a fact of life.

Knowing what to do when journalists call, learning new tools of communication and practising in simulated filmed scenarios, comes as an enormous relief.

For the past 10 years Hawkeye Media has been training staff from hospital trusts, private hospitals, complementary medicine practices and medical research institutes.

In large trusts we set up a temporary TV and radio studio within the hospital.  Staff visit us for 121 drop-in training in two hour slots.  Alternatively we carry out group training for up to six members of staff at a time. In all cases scenarios are bespoke for each and every delegate.

Skills learnt include:

  • an understanding of how the media works and what makes news in order to predict, understand and engage with the media effectively
  • response to crisis events. How to manage the media and what to release and when
  • the ability to identify and communicate key messages
  • how to explain complex subject simply
  • the skills to deflect hostile questions diplomatically
  • the psychological and the practical tools to become a confident, relaxed and effective communicator

“ It was very tough, as it should be, tailored with relevant examples and good feedback,”

Hospital director

“this was probably the most effective workshop  I have ever attended. Challenging and interesting,”

Pharmaceutical assessor

“Excellent, very helpful with constructive comments and valuable advice. It was scary to do but we were made to feel very comfortable.”


“Thoroughly enjoyed the day – definitely challenged and took me out of my comfort zone but I have learnt a lot,”

Medical HR director