Studio facilities

Media Training in London is an essential for any communications professional or anyone in a leadership role. To ensure Hawkeye Media can deliver the most effective media training possible we use a range of facilities to suit your requirements and budget.

From simple fact-based media interviews, to how to handle the media in a crisis the team at Hawkeye will create a set of realistic scenarios to test the skills of your team members and leave them with the confidence that they will be able to perform well in a similar scenario.

The studio facilities we use to deliver our media skills training can include:

  • A Soho-based state-of-the- art TV and radio studios with additional green room and viewing gallery
  • A TV and radio studios in Westminster and the London Stock-Exchange
  • A “Mobile studio” we bring our equipment to you creating a realistic radio and TV interview experience with the help of our specialist camera operator.

All options provide recorded press, radio studio, down-the-line (radio and TV), TV studio/location interviews. All will be uploaded on to a secure link or memory stick. If required, we can record and edit vodcasts during the media training.

Video library – Delegates enjoy access to “the good, the bad and the ugly” collection of good and bad practice by experienced media interviewees. Workbooks and prompt cards are given to all delegates.