Crisis Media Training

All organisations, however well-run, will face crises from time-to time.

When it comes to protecting your organisation’s reputation – expert crisis media training is essential.

Skills must be deeply entrenched and tested well in advance of any unforeseen and unwelcome event, which can escalate within minutes in the media spotlight.

In a crisis media training session with us your team will gain an understanding of:

  • the news machine at work
  • what to tell the media and when
  • appropriate media messages
  • how to avoid being pressed into premature media statements
  • dealing with door-steps and press conferences (if relevant)
  • testing under pressure with relevant and challenging scenarios


In advance of the crisis media training session, our team will engage with you to devise various, challenging and relevant scenarios .  Training will take place either at a TV and radio studio or at premises close to your offices.  In all cases, total discretion and confidentiality can be guaranteed.

Delegates leave with a memory stick or secure upload showing a dramatic transition over a period of a few hours and we are there to support you after the training day.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late, just give us a call.

Media Training and Crisis Media Training provider for the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA)

We are delighted to be a provider for the PRCA, the world’s largest PR professional body. We train both PR professionals and their clients.

Sectors which have benefitted from our crisis media training services:

  • Education (schools, universities and academic groups)
  • Health (hospital trusts, private health providers, regulators and pharmaceuticals)
  • Transport (airports, freight providers, train and bus companies and manufacturers)
  • Financial (banks, advisory services, regulators,)
  • Holiday (tour operators)
  • Energy (suppliers on and off-shore)
  • Environmental (waste management and green energy)
  • Government Services (health, education, social services)
  • Public Services (regulators, water, nuclear)
  • Charities (health, education, conservation and wildlife)
  • Consumer (goods and services)

Comments from our clients

“First rate – every message backed up by years of experience. Without question the most rewarding training I have participated in for years! Great delivery, great insight gained.”


Director, leisure services

“This is probably the most effective workshop I have ever attended. Challenging and interesting.”


Pharmaceutical Assessor, health regulator

“Loved it. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I learnt a lot. I feel I have more confidence and the adequate tools and approach to deal with the media.”

Director, UK train and bus operator

“Really well-pitched and an excellent examination of the media challenges we face.”

Communications Director, government services

“I found this media training to be very valuable and its presentation was excellent. As each item was presented I found it was becoming easier to deal with. I am confident that, should the occasion arise, this course and its presenters, have given me the tools and awareness of what is required, Thank you.”


Director, tour operator

 “Excellent experience. Learned lots. Grilling is good. Bring on the aggressor!”  

Spokesperson, complementary medicine charity

“Fantastic professional training.”

CEO, government services organisation

 “Really enjoyable but tough day – but it should be tough. Media is tough.”

Operations Director, hygiene company